Why We Cannot Plant Honeysuckle

Yes, that’s right. I am scared to plant Honeysuckle. As we are all thinking towards Spring, especially us gardener types, we are busy perusing the seeds to buy on line or in the store. We are planning, planning, planning which is so much fun and gives us much hope. Especially for those of us living…

The Spirit of Christmas is Still Lingering

Everywhere I look in my house and outside, the Spirit of Christmas is still with us, in February! I have never had a Poinsettia plant last UNTIL Christmas let alone after. It’s going strong here in February with vibrant life and colors. You can see it has new red leaves growing and small yellow flowers….

Weekly Prompts Challenge ~ Flamboyant Red

Since we moved to the 54 Acres of Pure Glory, we haven’t really gone to see much around Wisconsin like we said we were going to do. Since my Mom was visiting for Thanksgiving and our kick off to Christmas was starting we decided to go see the Garden of Lights at the Green Bay…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ~ Red | Morning Feeding Time

Good Morning ~ I have just returned back to WordPress after being gone for 3 or 4 years. I’ve come back with a new blog and topic (my now deleted blog was My First 10000 Photos). I had forgotten about all the great photo challenges so here is my first entry under my new blog….