About Us

Hello and welcome to Pure American Glory. My name is Candice~Marie and my husband, Allan, has embraced this journey with me. We are originally from the Chicagoland area but had moved to a nice little Townhome in quaint Granbury, Texas for 3 years and decided it wasn’t for us.

We both had ties to Wisconsin and had decided that’s where we were going. So, one day, after I said I wasn’t going to look at Zillow anymore, fate gave me a kick in the butt and after weeks of not even looking at Zillow I opened up that Zillow app and low and behold there was my dream property! 54 Acres of Pure Glory is what I called it and we made an offer sight unseen. I have to tell you, it wasn’t so dreamy for the first year and a half, LOL! Now that we’ve got everything under control, we can now enjoy our 54 Acres of Pure Glory.

I have recently changed our blog, YouTube and Instagram name from 54 Acres of Pure Glory, to, Pure American Glory, this name can follow us if we move from our current property.

I hope you will join us in our past, present and future experiences as we dive into making this property beautiful and productive. We enjoy photography, cooking and gardening with a mind towards permaculture for starters.

I would be remiss if I did not introduce our 3 cats ~ Floki, Zoe and Otis who are often on my mind and in many of my photos.

Thank you for stopping by and please, let’s get to know each other. Hit the follow button and we’ll come visit your site and do the same.

Candice and Allan

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