Welcome to the Chicken Shack


We stared at this shack that sits on the property next door to us for a year and we were disgusted by it. We were offended that it was constantly in our view from our dining room window. At that time, it was an old and ugly thing no one cared for.

The Chicken Shack at Sunrise

We ended up purchasing the small property next door and the ugly little shack became ours. It started to have potential in our minds and over the last year has wormed it’s way into our hearts. We even named it The Chicken Shack even though we don’t have any chickens.

The Chicken Shack Kissed by the Sunset

We started by cleaning out the debris of neglect including a dead possum and our poor little shack was also home to a live possum amongst other small animals. The outside was taking over the inside. We cleaned all of that up, patched up some holes to keep the wildlife out and started using it to store lawn furniture and our riding lawnmower. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea because at the end of November the flood waters came along with freezing weather right after and all of our things were frozen for a time in the water in the shack. The temperatures did warm up a bit and the flood waters receded enough for us to go in and save our things. Somehow the lawnmower started right up so we moved it to higher ground and raised up the lawn furniture off the cement floor. Yes, The Shack actually has good bones!

Good Bones

Over the winter we dreamed of what we might possibly do with The Shack. We started calling it the Chicken Shack with the dream of getting some chickens but we’re not ready for that yet, so now, it’s The Garden Shack but we still call it The Chicken Shack.

Otis Loves The Shack!

Our Little Garden Shack is a work in progress but that’s the fun of it. So, one day, it will transform into a beauty and I’ll miss all of it’s imperfections but nothing ever stays the same, does it?

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  1. The Hinoeuma says:

    It does have good bones. Glad you decided to take care of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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