Learning Who We Are


My last post was about why we changed our name. As I have been thinking about the name change and what content to post on WordPress, Instagram and YouTube, I realized that I was having difficulty because we were still trying to figure it all out. Who are we?

We have beautiful sunsets over the Marsh….

Thanks to the Instagram Account ~ Wisconsinhomesteaders ~ I volunteered to be featured because they were looking to feature homesteaders, gardeners, hobby farmers, preppers, etc. you don’t even have to call yourself a homesteader so check them out if you want to be featured. Our feature will post on Tuesday, March 17th.

I have been following Wisconsinhomesteaders on Instagram for awhile because even though I don’t consider ourselves as true homesteaders, I still like to read and learn about other people, what they’re doing, and how I can incoporate any good ideas I find into our life. I also enjoy everyone’s photos. So, I never thought that WE would be featured but they put it out there that you didn’t have to be a homesteader and you didn’t have to live in Wisconsin, either. Now they feature homesteaders, gardeners, etc. from everywhere.

The whole point of my story is that they asked me to answer some questions which helped me to define who we are. I really struggled with the question, “Do you call yourself a homesteader, or something else?” I had no idea what we call ourselves, I just knew that we didn’t feel like we fit into the “Homesteaders” category which I found was kind of holding me back on some decisions I needed to make.

We have wild mushrooms growing that I wouldn’t eat….. At least it makes for a nice photo.

However, after I thought about it because I was forced to think about it because I wanted to answer the question, I realized, we do fit into the category of “Urban Homesteaders.”

I found two definitions, the first one from Wikipedia was NOT what I was thinking to describe ourselves. The second definition from The Urban Homestead fits us perfectly!

Wikipedia: Urban homesteading can refer to several different things: programs by local, state, and federal agencies in the USA who work to help get people into city homes, squatting, practicing urban agriculture, or practicing sustainable living techniques.

The Urban Homestead: Urban Homesteader [ur-buh n hohm-sted-er] 2 a person who transforms a city or suburban property into a home that produces some or all of its residents own food and other basic needs with the goal of reducing environmental impact while increasing self-sufficiency.

We have started to plant trees and will be adding many more!

So, you may be wondering why we don’t identify as Homesteaders when we live on 54 acres. Our entire 54 acres is located within city limits so we cannot have farm animals. We are allowed to have 4 egg laying chickens, though. A chicken house is on the docket! Honestly, other than not being able to raise our own animals for food, we can paricipate in most Homesteading activities but Urban Homesteading is the category we feel we belong.

We do have cats!

Thank you for reading and stay healthy my blogging friends!

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