Name Change to “Pure American Glory” 🇺🇸❤

“Living the American Dream” means something different to everyone and our American Dream is what we strive to share with you via this blog, Instagram and YouTube .

We were “54 Acres of Pure Glory” and I LOVED that name, but, it was so specific to this property in Wisconsin!

My life has never been stagnant, I’ve moved around A LOT! I was, literally, having panic attacks that the name, “54 Acres of Pure Glory,” would not be able to follow me and my completely non~stagnant life. I mean, I really was wanting a name that can follow us and I was worried that if I kept the old name, not only would I be moving but our whole network might be in jeopardy. Right now, I am small, a name change won’t do any damage.


Our 100 Year Old Farm Home Bathed in Early Morning Sunlight
I’ve always wanted a front porch like this ~ Never dreamed I’d actually have one!
We’ve got the Bay in the front ~ I don’t want to give that up!
We’ve got the Marsh in the back with the most spectacular sunsets!

So, believe me! I don’t want to go anywhere but life is ever changing all the time even when we don’t want it to, so, I have been wracking my brain for a name we loved as much as we loved “54 Acres of Pure Glory.”

One day, my weeks and weeks of worrying and thinking about our name ended because the new name simply appeared and we knew as soon as we heard it that, “Pure American Glory,” was for us ~ delivered in our laps. It has Pure Glory from our old name and as I said in the beginning, we want to share our world with everyone or our American life, so, BOOM. The name can move with us and still have meaning.

We hope you will stick with us on our journey! Thanks for stopping by ~ We are excited about Springtime!

Here is a video introducing our new name: