The Spirit of Christmas is Still Lingering

Everywhere I look in my house and outside, the Spirit of Christmas is still with us, in February!

My Poinsettia Plant

I have never had a Poinsettia plant last UNTIL Christmas let alone after. It’s going strong here in February with vibrant life and colors. You can see it has new red leaves growing and small yellow flowers.

Appreciate the beautiful color and size of the leaves.

It’s like a jungle in there!

Also look at my Christmas Cactus that had fully bloomed in November (before Christmas) and now it has one more flower for us!

Look at all the new growth, as well, since I pinched off some of the longer pieces after the last blooming (I stuck the pieces I pinched right into the dirt and they’re growing to make a bushy cactus).

Lastly, we threw our Christmas wreath onto our bonfire pit last week. I am going to retrieve our wreath out of the bonfire pit because it looks gorgeous and I can do something with it for the song birds.

All of these simple pleasures just make me so happy! I hope you enjoyed!


All photos and videos on this site were shot/created by Candice~Marie Hap. Please do not use without permission.

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