54 A.O.P.G Recipe Favorites: Classic Italian Bread from Bread Illustrated

For a long, long time I struggled making bread. I wanted so badly to have that wonderful smell wafting through the house and to pull out of my oven a beautiful loaf of bread to serve with dinner. I was able to create some smell of bread baking but what I pulled out of my oven was a very ugly, hard and unedible thing.

That was the reality in my sad bread baking life and I, basically, gave up.

Except that I always still had a little flame of desire to bake bread.

I kept my eyes and ears open over the next few years hoping an opportunity to learn to make bread would present itself. Then one day, VOILA! I ran across the book, Bread Illustrated, put out by my very favorite online cooking magazine, America’s Test Kitchen, so I ordered it straight away!

This was, THE best cook book investment I have ever made. I make all kinds of bread now. America’s Test Kitchen did a great job explaining the science of baking bread and they included a lot of recipes in their book from everyday kind of breads to more exotic breads. The amazing thing to me is that they are all do~able, smell great and the best part is, my breads are edible now!

Please enjoy the YouTube video I made on baking Classic Italian Bread. I tried to make it a little entertaining as well as informative. By the way, this recipe uses beer! πŸ˜‹πŸΊπŸ₯–

Have a beautiful Friday!

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