Garden Flower Power!

This year we are DEtermined to have a beautiful garden we can enjoy while keeping in mind the basic principles of permaculture with a concentration on attracting pollinators with a concentration on butterflies and solitary bees.


Yes, that’s right, I am very excited. Last year I ordered two types of wildflower seeds from Eden Brothers. Those were the Bees Knees Pollinator Wildflower Mix and the Partial Shade Wildflower Mix (which I planted in full sun) and I was very happy with the amount of seeds (no fillers) and the fact that all I did was clear weeds, turn the dirt and sprinkle for a glorious display of flowers.

Floki resting amongst the Partial Shade Wildflower Seed Mix

Unfortunately, the deer ate a lot of what was included with the Bees Knees Pollinator Wildflower Mix so I did not purchase that one again. Instead, I purchased two other varieties. One is Snapdragons (mixed colors) listed on my Truly Deer Resistant Plants Page.

Snap Dragon by the bay on our property

The other one I am fairly certain is deer resisitant and that is Zinnia (also a mix of colors). Last year, I bought a small packet of Zinnia seeds which I grew in a pot but they were double blossoms which are not preferred by butterflies, in particular, so I purchased the single flower seeds this time.

Zinnia in a pot on my deck last season
Zinnia in a pot on my deck last season

I also purchased some Cardinal Climber from Menards and I will start that inside on March 1st.

Now, I must peruse the Eden Brothers site to plan my next purchase of seeds. You can never have too many seeds…. right?

All photos and videos on this site were shot/created by Candice~Marie Hap. Please do not use without permission.

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  1. Doug Thomas says:

    Every garden needs a cat! What a lovely photo of your flower bed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Candice~Marie says:

      Floki loves to rest in the flowers, he flattens them but that’s ok, he’s happy. Thank you!


      1. Doug Thomas says:

        They rebound trio some degree. Besides, it’s nice to have evidence of that garden presence!

        Liked by 1 person

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