My Journey as a Blogger/Vlogger ~ Post#1

Where Am I Going With My Blog ~ It’s Evolving Into Something

I was feeling confused about how my Blog, my Instagram account and my You Tube Channel were going to complement eachother. In this confusion, I feel that my blog has been more neglected than I would like. My YouTube uploads have been a bit unorganized in timing and topics, as well. I didn’t want to post the same things in each place as that seemed to be too repetitive but I was looking for a way for each to complement the other.

I believe I have finally figured it out! At minimum, I am getting closer to a breakthrough. I did not feel confused about my Instagram account because I have had that the longest and I feel I have the most freedom there ~ I don’t worry about being repetitive because I have a lot of material that would be appropriate to post there as often as I need or want.

I am heading toward using my blog as a planning tool for my YouTube channel (and my life, really) that will help me become organized and also a reason to research some of my topics and content better and I can showcase my newly found knowledge here. I am much more comfortable writing than speaking so my blog will help me to essentially speak more knowledgeably on each topic that I want to talk about on YouTube and those who prefer reading blogs to watching vlogs will, hopefully, find interest in my blog.

Lastly, I told myself from the beginning that I was not going to pay a whole lot of attention to how many followers I have or concentrate on how to get more followers and then I started watching videos on how to do all these things and all it did was create anxiety for me and I lost the enjoyment of what I’m doing. One of my mottos is, if you’re not enjoying the process, why are you doing it?

This is a promise I am making to myself ~ I will write and speak about what I want to share with the world while naturally making friends along the way and that’s all I am going to worry about. I also enjoy trying to present my thoughts and ideas in a visually pleasant way so I’ll keep working on my photography and video making skills.

It feels strange that I am not posting any photos in this rather long self reflection pep talk piece, but, I’m not going to worry about it!

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  1. Tanya says:

    I’m still figuring things out as well. I really enjoy your content, as I feel I can learn a lot from it. Plus it’s similar to my interests. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Candice~Marie says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ~ I really appreciate the feedback. I enjoy your blog, as well. I think you are one of the “natural” friendships I was talking about, just happens naturally when you have similar interests. πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸŒž

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