FOTD: 12.07.19 ~ Zinnia Misunderstandings

Zinnia Planted from Seed in a Pot

Early on this last Spring season I bought Zinnia seeds along with a few other seeds I can’t remember at the moment. I had never grown Zinnias before but had seen or read about them which made me want to try them.

As I was feeling slightly overwhelmed in Spring not really knowing where to start in the garden, I moved a whole bunch of stuff around and sprinkled all the seeds I bought plus I planted a few pots with some different seeds and then forgot what I planted and where exactly.

Hence, when the Zinnias started growing in my garden, I didn’t know what they were. I thought this was a rather hearty looking weed.

So, I pulled them all out of the garden and tossed them in the swamp like the weeds I thought they were. Which is unfortunate because the Deerski Family was not interested in this plant. I let the ones in the pot grow and almost threw them out, too, but for some unknown reason I let them flower. I then realized they were Zinnias and I was really disappointed I had pulled the ones in the yard out.

As a side note, I have noticed that, in general, seeds I plant directly in the Earth do much better than those I planted in pots.

I will be purchasing more Zinnia seeds of all sizes and colors to plant around our property because I am about 90% sure they are truly deer resistant. However, I will not declare this plant as truly deer resistant until I test it in Summer 2020.

This post is part of the Flower of the Day photo challenge.

All photos and videos on this site were shot/created by Candice~Marie. Please do not use without permission.

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  1. ruthsoaper says:

    LOL! I’m laughing with you because my husband did the same thing when he panted bee balm one year. Ever since we bought our farm in 2011 we have been experimenting with plants to find out what deer eat and what they will not. (although sometimes I think it is rabbits doing the eating). It is very frustrating to plant and nurture plants only to have them eaten by critters. I think your list will be very useful.

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    1. Candice~Marie says:

      Well, I always feel better when I find out someone else has done it, too, so thank you for telling me! When we first got here the place was overrun with rabbits and they definitely ate plants, too, but then we introduced them to our cats and now all those bunnies have moved across the street and don’t come up to our house anymore. It is so frustrating to work on the garden so hard with the excitement, expectations, and dreams of the beauty you’re going to have only to have it eaten all down to nothing. Bee balm will be going on my list but I’m not sure I took a photo of it so it’ll have to wait. I’m so glad you will find the list useful, I figured some others must have this problem.

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