The Portal to Another Dimension

“The Portal is Opening and I Must Go” ~ Ivar

The only one of our official 3 cats who has not entered The Portal to another dimension is, Zoe ( the black kitty in the photo). Between Ivar (the gray one pictured) and Floki (not pictured here, do you know how hard it is to get all 3 cats in one photo?????), Ivar has entered the portal the most times and for the most days which I do not understand because Floki is our wanderer, not Ivar.

Ivar on the left and Floki on the right ~ “We love going through The Portal!”

Could he also pick the most inopportune times (for me) to disappear? We thought The Portal only opened once a year in the beginning of November but we were wrong, so wrong!

“I’ll be back!” ~ Ivar

Please, Ivar, return back to your proper dimension so we don’t have to worry like this, it’s terrible. We noticed the stray cat, Maria (or Sue if she turns out to be a boy), also seems to have travelled through The Portal, like they planned to go together!

I read some articles that suggest that Hoomans should not worry until the time period of 4 days has passed but we find that it’s really difficult not to worry.

Friday morning will be 4 full days. I guess we have no choice but to wait.

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