Flower of the Day | Full Proof Deer Resistant Lavendar

πŸ“· All Photos Taken By Candice~Marie πŸ“·

We love our neighbor’s, the Deerski Family, and want to live in harmony with them, so, we are on a mission to find every TRULY deer resistant plant on the face of the earth that will grow in USDA Hardiness zones 4-5. We are shown in zone 5 but zone 4 is, literally, inches away.

We took it for granted that we would have a beautiful garden this last season just because we bought plants that said they were “deer resistant”. Lies, all lies!

I will document in a blog post each plant that I have experienced to be deer resistant and then I will add it to the running list on my Page: Truly Deer Resistant Plants ~ Zones 4~5.

Lavender in my Garden ~ Truly Offensive to the Deerski Family

This lone Lavender plant was a plant my Mom brought me from her garden. I actually didn’t know it was Lavender until a couple of months after I planted it. The plant looked like it was going to die and then it started growing again, all new growth. The important part is that the deer ate everything around it but did not touch the Lavendar so I had to know what it was. I thought it had an herbal look to it so I plucked off a flower and crushed it between my fingers. Well, I might not have recognized the plant but I sure as heck recognized the smell!

I’ll be buying a lot more Lavendar! Supposedly mosquitos find it offensive, too.

Does anyone have Lavender in their garden and what are your thoughts about it?

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  1. The Hinoeuma says:

    I’ve never grown lavender but, I do know it is deer resistant. Deer also won’t touch Narcissus, Hyacinth, Mums, oxalis, garlic, Egyptian walking onions or yellow/green Hosta. They WILL eat the hell out of white/green Hosta…and Tulips.

    We routinely have deer in our yard, every night. I live in a small town with a good-sized river running thru it.


    1. Candice~Marie says:

      I will write those down ~ Thank you!

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