Ivarski Bodalewski ~ Where Are You?

Baby Ivar

It’s a horrible feeling when you realize your husband might have accidentally driven off with the baby Ivar hiding out in the spare tire mounted underneath the Xterra. Especially when Allan’s been back for 20 minutes already.

Ivar was and still is not scared of much. He literally approaches anyone, checks out their cars, wants to make friends with dogs, deer, muskrats, sand hill cranes, stray cats…… He’s a lover not a fighter.

Ivarski and Deerski are curious about eachother.

For 8 days we searched for him, high and low. The weather was downright terrible, too.

Cold and Windy!

We searched high and low for him but to no avail. We were so heartbroken but we didn’t give up in our hearts.

However, we were concerned about Floki being alone.

Now I am alone and sad.

So, on the 8th day of Ivar’s disappearance, we got him a girlfriend.

My name is Zoe

And the cosmos did what we were hoping ~ delivered Ivar right back into our laps the very next day!

It took Ivar almost 10 months to recoup from his ordeal. We are very proud of him for surviving as he was only 6 months old at that time and we are so grateful to have him back. He doesn’t wander too far from home and that’s perfectly fine with us!

I’m all grown up, now!